Dori was born and raised in the state of Maine. She attended the University of Maine Presque Isle, graduating in 1973 with a BS degree in teaching. She heard the gospel for the first time at 19 and gave her life to Jesus in her dorm room. After graduation, she accepted a teaching job at a middle school in Calais, Maine, where she also coached cross-country running, soccer, basketball, and softball, refereed basketball, and umpired softball.
God began to speak to Dori about missions in her early thirties, but she said no and ran from God’s calling for five years. When she finally said yes, the doors opened for her to go Estonia (a Baltic nation that was part of the Soviet Union). During her ten years on the mission field she saw the hand of God move in many miraculous ways. She helped turn a nation to God and restore a denomination that had been wiped out under Communism. The hardships were many, but the doors God opened in the Spirit were worth everything! During her service there (1991–2001), she saw hundreds come to know Jesus.
After returning to Florida in 2001 to be with her family, Dori was asked to become the associate pastor at Hope Community Fellowship. Her heart is entwined with her leaders to see the kingdom of God manifested on the earth, through our lives!

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